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Frugal Hour App
Mobile - iOS

Lead iOS Developer & Co-founder

Developed and delivered unQbd's first app FrugalHour. It has been accepted into Appleā€™s iOS App store, earned a 5 star rating, and has a 10% active user growth rate.

App function: Find discounted food and drink places around you.

Development process:
Phase 1 - Design GUI, integrate Yelp API from GitHub, and develop backend for storing data for discounts.
Phase 2 - Remove Yelp API (We developed our own system that provided better results), expand Parse coding/database

Highlights: iOS Swift2 (UIKit/CloudKit/MapKit/CoreLocation/CoreData), Parse, Geolocation, Yelp API, GitHub, CocoaPods

iOS app store link:


Stack Attack App
Mobile - iOS

Lead iOS Developer & Co-founder

Currently developing unQbd's second app Stack Attack. This will be their first game to market, and it is slated to launch in November 2016.

App function: A real-time multiplayer game where you build your stack (player) to attack various cpu opponents.

Development process:
Phase 1 - Design GUI and solidify game concepts/rules. Create worlds to move around in and overlay player stats.
Phase 2 - (Currently in this phase) Create fight scenes, store player data on CloudKit.
Phase 3 - Introduce multiplayer, finalize graphics, final bug testing, launch app.

Highlights: iOS Swift2 (SpriteKit/GameplayKit/CloudKit)